University of Utah police probe topless women who attended football game in body paint

Two female fans are the center of a school police probe after the pair showed up to a University of Utah football game topless with only body paint covering their breasts.

The unnamed women were among thousands of fans crammed into Rice-Eccles Stadium Saturday. They covered up after a female officer asked them to put shirts on, a university spokesperson said on the school website.

Still, the spokesperson said university police are investigating and charges against the duo have not been ruled out.

The students could also be referred to the Dean of Students for other discipline, the spokesperson said.

The two women could face discipline from the University of Utah, the school said.
The two women could face discipline from the University of Utah, the school said.

Footage from KSL News shows the two women with paint on their bodies in the shape of a tank top with an apparent “U” in red across their chest and torso. The news station said some people are in disbelief that the young women got into the stadium at all to witness the Utes’ win over Southern Utah.

Utah has a lewdness law that is classified as a class B misdemeanor that could be applied in this case, according to KSL News.

YouTube influencer Melea Johnson, who brought her two children to the Sept. 10 game, claimed security guards just stared at the topless women as they walked in.

“Is this literally what our world is coming to?!” the annoyed mother wrote on Instagram. “We can’t even go to a family-friendly college football game without our kids & family being exposed to nudity??”

Johnson told the Deseret News in a statement she wants to bring her kids to sporting events without the youngsters being exposed to lewdness or nudity.

 “We love going to the Utah football games! But this should not have happened. And should never be allowed to happen again,” she said.

University President Taylor Randall and Athletics Director Mark Harlan stressed in a statement, “profanity, public intoxication, rude and disrespectful behavior, racial and derogatory comments or verbal attacks directed at individuals or groups will not be tolerated.”

“Anyone who engages in unsafe or inappropriate conduct will be removed from the premises, may lose all privileges and access for future university events and could be reported to law enforcement,” they also said.

Some social media users defended the women, including a Utah Libertarian candidate for US Senate this year.

“Free the nipple! Our obscenity laws discriminate against women,” candidate James Hansen wrote on Twitter.

Another user argued the criticism of the two female fans was unfair.

“How many men were topless at the same game? The double standard is not cool at all,” A. Matthew Hall tweeted.

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