The Blazing Hypocrisy of Jimmy Kimmel’s Trump Attacks

Jimmy Kimmel knows his liberal jokes alienate a large swath of the viewing public.

And he doesn’t care.

“Not good riddance but riddance,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host famously said about losing Republican fans.

Now, he claims his employer, ABC, feels the same way.

Kimmel chatted with “Everybody Loves Raymond” co-creator Phil Rosenthal on the podcaster’s “Naked Lunch” podcast earlier this week. The two explored political humor, specifically gags targeting President Donald Trump.

That gave Kimmel the chance to puff out his chest and suggest he’d risk losing his late-night show for the right to taunt Trump.

“Does ABC ever say to you, ‘Hey, could you not just attack this side and lay off a little bit? Cause we are gonna lose those people?’” Rosenthal asked.

Yes, Kimmel alleged. He says ABC suits suggested he tone down the anti-Trump material at one point, and Kimmel not only refused but said the suits could fire him if they forced his hand.

Speaking Truth to PowerTM was more important, even if it meant losing at least half his fans.

“They knew I was serious. I mean, you know… I couldn’t live with myself. I see this, you know? …I don’t think of it in that grandiose a way. But I do think, like, you know, I love this country too. I mean, you know, that flag doesn’t belong to them. This is ours. And when I see somebody coming in and ruining it, I’m gonna say something about it. That’s it. That’s as simple as that.”

Let’s collectively stop laughing and take Kimmel at his word. He fears Trump as a threat to the nation, and thinks his nonstop Trump jokes could save the country from a second Trump presidency.


President Joe Biden is currently in the Oval Office and, by most sober accounts, is “ruining the country” in real time. Inflation is soaring, as are gas prices from 2020. Crime is up, the southern border is a sieve and his administration is teaming with Big Tech giants to stifle free speech.

That’s just a partial list.

Sounds awful, right? It’s why we may see a red wave election in just a few days. The people have noticed, and they’re craving a fresh direction.


So clearly Kimmel must be teeing off on President Biden for all the above reasons, right?


Except Kimmel isn’t. He’s like his fellow liberal late night hosts, avoiding Biden at all costs to attack Trump, Elon Musk and minor GOP players like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Kimmel isn’t a comedic patriot trying to save the country. He’s a partisan Democrat who won’t tell jokes about his party.


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