PopLooped: Alexandra Kay, Parker Graye, Spencer Crandall, & Others

Welcome to PopLooped, a simple feature bringing you the most addictive releases within the music realm that is currently looped onto our playlist.

“Skip This Part” – Alexandra Kay

With millions of views on TikTok, Alexandra Kay has returned with a new single “Skip This Part.” From the start of the track, Kay brings an early Taylor Swift era into the song. As she sings throughout the song, you feel the emotion and you’re instantly brought into a lyrical movie.

“Girls Like You” – Spencer Crandall

Regardless of the occasion, you’ll love this release. Spencer Crandall delivers catchy pop-country songs time and time again, and “Girls Like You” is one of the best. There is a message in this track about knowing what you’ve got when you’ve got it, and not giving up when you’ve got it.

“Tan Lines” – Tanner Adell

As the summer months draw to a close, Tanner Adell released a song that can easily be related to. This country song isn’t your average country song, thanks to hip-hop influences. In the song, she sings about wanting to see a tan line on someone and brings out her uniqueness in her.

“Complicated (Sad Girl Country Version)” – Parker Graye

A classic 2000s hit was revamped by Graye to make a “sad girl country” version. “Complicated” launched Avril Lavigne into stardom, and Graye put her own spin on it. Graye’s singing is filled with emotion, and you can tell that she believes every word she says. It’s easy for a new audience to appreciate the song with the acoustic version.

“Preachers Need People” – Graham Barham

Being introduced to this artist from TikTok, Graham Barham is quickly paving his path within country music. His debut single “Preachers Need People” gives listeners a calm but impactful message that will leave you in awe.

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