Austria Submits Marie Kreutzer’s “Corsage” for Oscars, Drops Trailer for the Vicky Krieps-Starrer

“Corsage” is eyeing a trip to the Academy Awards. Austria has selected Marie Kreutzer’s portrait of Empress Elisabeth of Austria as its pick for the 2023 international feature film race, per The Hollywood Reporter. “Phantom Thread” breakout Vicky Krieps landed Cannes Film Festival’s best performance prize in the Un Certain Regard sidebar for her depiction of the royal.

In an interview with us, writer-director Marie Kreutzer described Empress Elisabeth as “one of the main tourist attractions in Austria. She has become a myth, not only because of her own story but also because of how the famous film ‘Sissi,’ starring Romy Schneider, played with that myth,” she explained. “‘Corsage’ is a very different take on Empress Elisabeth, a film about her darker side, her rebellion against the role she was supposed to play, which included staying young and beautiful forever. The story of a woman who has to please in order to be loved is universal and timeless.”

Kreutzer’s other credits include “The Ground Beneath My Feet” and “We Used to Be Cool.” Krieps starred in the latter.

“Corsage” made its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week and will screen at New York Film Festival later this month. The period pic hits theaters December 23.

Check out a newly released trailer for “Corsage” below. In it, the Empress is told by her husband, “It’s my duty to control the fate of our empire. Your duty is merely to represent. That’s what I chose you for. That’s why you’re here.”

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